My Work

Web Design & Development

Embedded Systems

Web Design & Development

Skill Checker

Skill Sharing Web Application "Skill Checker"

  • Interactive web application where you can create your own profile and share your skills to other users.
  • You can also recommend new skills to other users and endorse them.
  • Get an overview of users who added the same skill through the "Skill Tags".
  • Used technology: Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Bootstrap, Heroku

Linux HTTP Web Server

Linux HTTP Web Server "mother"

  • Web server that can host static web sites, traverse through the file system and execute Pearl scripts.
  • Create multiple connections at the same time through multi-threading.
  • Built from scratch only with C.
  • Easy to compile with pre configured Makefile.

Personal Portfolio

Personal Portfolio "JGDev"

  • Built from scratch with HTML, SASS and JavaScript. No framework/library such as jQuery or Bootstrap has been used.
  • Original responsive design.
  • First web project after around 1 month of self-study.

Embedded Systems

Arduino IoT Transmitter

Implementation of an IoT transmitter on Arduino

  • Collborative project between the chair for Information Technology (LIKE) at the University of Erlangen/Nuremberg and the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits.
  • Implemented a low-budged Low Power Wide Area Network transmitter on the physical and data link layer on Arduino. A commercial model of this transmitter is presented here.
  • Successfully developed an optimized program in C/C++ that could generate a highly accurate symbol rate for synchronization with the receiver.